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    Capture streaming does not work after upgrade of the source database.


      We have a complex system with 2 X RAC databases (source) and 2 X single databases (target)
      Streaming is running only from source to target.
      After upgrading RAC databases to , streaming is working only from one RAC to one single database.
      First RAC streaming is flowing to first single database only, and second RAC to second single only.

      First source-target is streaming fine, second capture are aborted just after starting with following errors:

      Streams CAPTURE CP05 for STREAMS started with pid=159, OS id=21174
      Wed Mar 28 10:41:55 2012
      Propagation Sender/Receiver (CCA) for Streams Capture and Apply STREAMS with pid=189, OS id=21176 started.
      Wed Mar 28 10:43:05 2012
      Streams APPLY AP05 for STREAMS started with pid=134, OS id=21696
      Wed Mar 28 10:43:06 2012
      Streams Apply Reader for STREAMS started AS0G with pid=191 OS id=21709
      Wed Mar 28 10:43:06 2012
      Streams Apply Server for STREAMS started AS04 with pid=192 OS id=21711
      Wed Mar 28 10:43:30 2012
      Streams CAPTURE CP05 for STREAMS with pid=159, OS id=21174 is in combined capture and apply mode.
      Capture STREAMS is handling 1 applies.
      Streams downstream capture STREAMS uses downstream_real_time_mine: TRUE
      Starting persistent Logminer Session with sid = 621 for Streams Capture STREAMS
      LOGMINER: Parameters summary for session# = 621
      LOGMINER: Number of processes = 3, Transaction Chunk Size = 1
      LOGMINER: Memory Size = 10M, Checkpoint interval = 1000M
      LOGMINER: SpillScn 0, ResetLogScn 7287662065313
      LOGMINER: summary for session# = 621
      LOGMINER: StartScn: 12620843936763 (0x0b7a.84eb6bfb)
      LOGMINER: EndScn: 0
      LOGMINER: HighConsumedScn: 12620843936763 (0x0b7a.84eb6bfb)
      LOGMINER: session_flag 0x1
      LOGMINER: LowCkptScn: 12620843920280 (0x0b7a.84eb2b98)
      LOGMINER: HighCkptScn: 12620843920281 (0x0b7a.84eb2b99)
      LOGMINER: SkipScn: 12620843920280 (0x0b7a.84eb2b98)
      Wed Mar 28 10:44:53 2012
      LOGMINER: session#=621 (STREAMS), reader MS00 pid=198 OS id=22578 sid=1148 started
      Wed Mar 28 10:44:53 2012
      LOGMINER: session#=621 (STREAMS), builder MS01 pid=199 OS id=22580 sid=1338 started
      Wed Mar 28 10:44:53 2012
      LOGMINER: session#=621 (STREAMS), preparer MS02 pid=200 OS id=22582 sid=1519 started
      LOGMINER: Begin mining logfile for session 621 thread 1 sequence 196589, /opt/app/oracle/admin/singledb/stdbyarch/singledb_1_196589_569775692.arc
      Errors in file /opt/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/singledb/singledb/trace/singledb_ms00_22578.trc (incident=113693):
      ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [krvxruts004], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], []
      Incident details in: /opt/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/singledb/singledb/incident/incdir_113693/singledb_ms00_22578_i113693.trc
      Use ADRCI or Support Workbench to package the incident.
      See Note 411.1 at My Oracle Support for error and packaging details.
      krvxerpt: Errors detected in process 198, role reader.


      We have 5 streaming processes running.
      When we rebuilded one of them, everything works fine, but other are too big for rebuilding.

      Has anybody met with such a behaviour ?
      Oracle development is already working on it but we need faster solution.