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    Problem about getAccessibleContextAt and get info of invisible contents

      Nowadays I am studying on how to use java access bridge API,Actually I have worked out some codes to successfully getting information of visible contents of java application. I can use GetAccessibleContextFromHWND and getAccessibleChildContext to track information. But I found that there are some invisible controls in my java app, I can use JAVAFerret to track these control by using getAccessibleContextAt (I guess), but when I used this function in my c# code, it always returns zero

      the procedure I did is as follows

      first use FindWindow to get HWND of the app window
      then use GetAccessibleContextFromHWND to get vmid and ac of the main app window
      then use getAccessibleContextAt(vmid,ac,x coordinates ,y coordinates, out acc)

      but acc always is zero , no matter what x, y is .

      I read source code of javaferret , I think what the code did is the same as I did,but why I can not get correct ac

      why is that,and Is there other way to track those invisble control information , Thanks

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