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    JSR specifications broken by removing java.sun.com

      With the removal this week of the java.sun.com domains, Oracle has broken all the JSR definitions with respect to JavaEE.

      All the XML schemas and DTDs are no longer accessible or even worst you get redirected to some HTML website. This means that any software using an xml parser with validation turned on, will fail to validate the xml.

      This affects all technologies where JSRs specifically define java.sun.com URLs as the mandatory location for schema, dtds, etc. At the moment I have XSL based applications complaining of missing schemas, JDOM based parsers freezing during validation, and the list goes on and on.

      I am experiencing failures in applications that have worked correctly for a long time and from different providers.

      Does anyone think that this change is justified or that it has been managed according to the JCP rules for the evelotion of the language and its APIs?

      J. A.