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    APEX ModalForm checksum error on submit the page


      I have a problem with Value Protected items when submitting a page. I know there is an option to set hidden items not to value protected but this item is not hidden!

      So I have created a HTML region, with this header and footer:
      div id="ModalForm" style="display: none"

      I also created a TEXTAREA ITEM under the HTML REGION named: P220_POPUPTEXTAREA

      I added a javascript:

      $( function() {
      width : 600,
           modal : true ,
           autoOpen : false ,
           buttons : {
           "Close and Validate" : function() {
      "Close without Validate" : function() {
           function openForm()
           var ajaxRequest = new htmldb_Get( null , &APP_ID. , 'APPLICATION_PROCESS=P220_GET_SCRIPT', 0);

           gReturn = ajaxRequest.get();

           ajaxRequest = null;

      if (gReturn) {
      html_GetElement('P220_POPUPTEXTAREA').value = gReturn;
           function closeForm()
      apex.submit({  request:"VALIDATE", showWait:true});
           $('#ModalForm input[type="textfield"]').val('');

      For testing the page, i added a button, which simply just submit the page! So the problem is when I submit this page I got an error message: Checksum error for Hidden and Protected item ID... BUT TECHNICALLY THERE IS NO HIDDEN ITEM on this page! The TextArea is a TextArea and its hidden because it's under the HTML region!

      Please help me, I don't know how to handle this!

      Thank you, A

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