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    Sequence Numbering

      Is there a way to dynamically solve for sequence numbers for a given hierarchy instead of manually resequencing it everytime we make a change to the strucuture.

      Would appreciate if someone can give some inputs.

      Thank you.
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          How do you want the nodes to sorted?

          You could create a derived property with your sort logic, then use that new property as your sort order property.
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            Even if derived property is created it becomes pain when every new member is added. Derived property like based on node id is the best approach as far as I know, but even that might push you in to hell. If DRM is the MDM of your gig, load all the hierarchies in limb and create level wise exports. Rather than parent and child. But if the target system is essbase/planning/hfm-while adding new members or exporting the present hierarchies should follow a specific sort because two pass and divide functions will not work properly or will take forever to calculate thus will create problems at server level when multiple users are logged in to system..
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              Thank you for your inputs.
              We do have a new additions/cross seg moves and alt hiers added based on the external reporting purpose and sequencing the hier every time a minor change is done has become a pain. And since the target systems are Essbase/Planning and HFM I'm trying to build a property for sort order or the seq num that will solve dynamically everytime the hier changes.

              Is there any alternate solution for this problem?
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                Can you help me with the logic for the sort order property. I'm not much familiar with the derived property logics.
                Thank you.
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                  You need to determine how you would like the hierarchy sorted when a new node is added or moved. If I have the structure below, and I need to add account A105, where do you want A105 to fall?

                  After you determine the logic, then you need to create a derived property using the data type SortProp. After the property is created, you can assign it as the value in the hierarechy property StandardHierSort.
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                    But it is not the same always.. Some time a member might be added at end, some time at the start. Some times in the middle..