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    OAM/Webcenter SSO Authorization

      Hi All,
      I am trying to protect WC portal using SSO using OAM/OID.
      I have succesfully setup authentication, but can't get the authorization right - upon portal homepage page load, I get 401 Authorization required.

      My question is - how do I setup different Authorization rules to map to OAM? I know I can set up OAM domain Authorization policy constraints, but should I disable Portal-side authorization setup, or map it somehow? If yes, how exactly?

      Any examples, input or resources you can provide are appreciated.

      OAM is, I am using 11g WebGate, OID and OHS.

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          try with -

          in web.xml:


          other than that,you can refer the documentation -http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E15586_01/webcenter.1111/e12405/wcadm_security_sso.htm#BGBHEDHH


          and a good blog -


          Hope it works well .

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            Hi Hoque.
            The CLIENT-CERT part was a problematic point earlier when I was trying to get Authentication running - too bad I haven't known that a while back.

            The last blog link was new to me, but its dealing with 10g.

            I'm still stuck on this one unfortunately.

            In any case, thanks for the input!

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