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    Query can run in Oracle 10g but very slow in 11g

      We've just migrated to Oracle 11g and we noticed that some of our view are very slow (it takes seconds in 10g and takes 30 minutes in 11g), and the tables are using the local table.
      Do any of you face the same issue?

      This is our query:
      ,a.depth center
      ,d.MD maxbc
      ,d.XDELT xbc
      ,d.YDELT ybc
      ,e.MD minac
      ,e.XDELT xac
      ,e.YDELT yac
      table_A d,table_A e, table_B a
      where a.wellbore = d.WELLBORE (+)
      and a.wellbore = e.WELLBORE(+)
      and d.MD = (select max(MD) from table_A b where b.MD < a.depth and
      d.wellBORE = b.wellBORE)
      and e.md = (select min(md) from table_A c where c.MD > a.depth and
      e.wellBORE = c.wellBORE);