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    Display tabel parameterpage


      I have a table in a jsp and i need to manipulate pagenumber because it returns to first page every time i do actions in my page.

      However i can´t acess to request parameters to manipulate its value.

      My code in jsp is:

      <display:table name="<%=ConsultarProcessosConferenciaPortletBundle.CHAVE_ATRIBUTO_LISTA_ERROS_POR_DOCUMENTO%>"
      pagesize="10" cellpadding="1" sort="list" defaultsort="1"
      partialList="true" size="resultSize" id="table" requestURI=""

      My code in java class is:

      if (request.getParameter((new ParamEncoder(ConsultarProcessosConferenciaPortletBundle.CHAVE_ATRIBUTO_LISTA_ERROS_POR_DOCUMENTO).encodeParameterName(TableTagParameters.PARAMETER_PAGE))) != null) {
      int i = (Integer.parseInt(request.getParameter((new ParamEncoder(ConsultarProcessosConferenciaPortletBundle.CHAVE_ATRIBUTO_LISTA_ERROS_POR_DOCUMENTO).encodeParameterName(TableTagParameters.PARAMETER_PAGE)))) - 1) * 10;

      The problem is that the if is always null, can anyone help me please ?

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          So do you mean that
          new ParamEncoder(ConsultarProcessosConferenciaPortletBundle.CHAVE_ATRIBUTO_LISTA_ERROS_POR_DOCUMENTO).encodeParameterName(TableTagParameters.PARAMETER_PAGE)))
          is always null?

          If so then you'll have to have a look at the various objects referred to in that code and see what they do. If you think about it for a couple of minutes, you should eventually realize that nobody here (except you) has access to them.