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    Scenarios, Slots and Targeters configuration on cluster


      I'm building the aplications with standalone flag through runAssembler tool to run on a cluster. I have an issue with targeters, slots and scenarios. In the servers built with standalone flag, these components are not working. The file assets update strategy is a shared virtual file system where only one server updates the file system and all other servers should read it, atg/epub/file/ConfigFileSystem is pointing to this shared virtual file system in all standalone production servers but they are not finding the components.

      Example: ScenarioManager doesn't lists my scenarios even they existing in the shared file system.

      So here is my question, how to configure standalone servers to read from a single shared file system the scenarios, slots and targeters?

      Thanks in advance.
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          An issue that appears very similar to yours was resolved via a service request recently. In that situation, the Scenario, Slots and Targeters problem was resolved by removing duplicate references from the localconfig folder.

          Could you try that, and if it solves the problem please mark this answer as having answered your post?

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            On cluster you will need to configure your Scenario Editor Server, it must be configurate one per ATG Server (ATG Server is basically you set of production server, set of publshing server...) Only one server on ATG Server set must be the Server Editor, that will be responsable to load the .sec from ConfigFileSystem and populate same tables like dss_xref, that ProfileAdapterRepository uses and ScenarioManager uses this repository.

            After this, remember to configure your Master/Slave deployment, if your have more than one machine, chose one ConfiFileSystem to be your master on each machine and the others must be Slave, them on CA deployment agent you will configure only master to receive ConfigFileSystem deploy.
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              Thank you so much Onhate!

              You helped me a lot!