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    iPayment servlet calling issue

      Hi Gurus

      I am working with oracle istore module.There I am working with oracle iPayment servlet.Oracle iPayment servlet will call the our custom servlet with the help of the entry in zone property.It was working fine before but now when I am doing further some customization in our custom servlet.After doing that I am getting the following issue in istore when I am clicking the place order button.


      The following error occurred when calling iPayment for Credit Card Authorization: IBY_0001 Communication error. The payment system, the processor, or iPayment electronic commerce servlet is not available/accessible. Please make sure you have the correct system set up and resubmit the request at a later time.

      Then After moving the old backup also I am facing the above error.and my jserve log is displayed below.

      jserve log:-

      [30/03/2012 16:15:12:905] (ERROR) ajp12: Servlet Error: java.lang.NullPointerException: null
      [30/03/2012 16:15:12:940] (ERROR) an error returned handling request via protocol "ajpv12"
      [30/03/2012 16:15:12:940] (ERROR) balance: 22708 internal servlet error in server ebs.yantro.com:16550
      [30/03/2012 16:15:12:941] (ERROR) an error returned handling request via protocol "balance"