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    Digital Signature XML portion


      I need to invoke a web service where envolope body part, must be signed by two persons.

      How can implement this problem with jax-b y jax-ws ?

      Any sugestion!


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          You say you want to invoke a web-service. Have you looked at the service-provider's WSDL? Netbeans will automatically create stub-code for you just based on the WSDL; you only need to fill out your code within that stub and you have yourself what you need.

          If, on the other hand, you meant that you need to create a web-service which must sign some content using two different private-keys using XMLSignature (DSIG), may I suggest you ask the group that creates the reference DSIG library? security-dev@xml.apache.org

          There are many other ways to solve this problem, but if the DSIG standard has a schema definition/use-case for this, it will surely have been implemented by the developers on the mailing list I've provided.

          Arshad Noor
          StrongAuth, Inc.