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    When Installing ODT ODAC, Should I Be Worried For Existing Oracle Client?

      I have VS 2010 VB.Net Express installed and want to try using it to connect to Oracle databases. I have OraClient10g installed already at my OraHome (c:\oracle). The ODT ODAC installer looks like it wants to install ver 11g InstaClient on my machine. Thing is, I need to be running 10g for various things in my current work environment. Forgive me if this seems newbieish but can I have both versions of these clients installed on the same machine at the same time? I don't want to clobber my current Oracle client installation with this but nonetheless want to be able to connect to Oracle from VB .Net 2010 apps. Can this be done? Thanks for fielding this question and apologies in advance if it has already been answered, but I looked around and didn't find this same/similar question asked anywhere.
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          gdarling - oracle

          Make sure you install ODAC into a new home.

          However, note also that you cant use ODT with Express Editions of VS. You can still use and code ODP.NET , but Express editions don't allow plugins to the IDE so you wont be able to use ODT with Server Explorer.

          With respect to the multiple version itself, by and large most 10g apps and drivers rely on your PATH environment variable to load the client libraries. Installing 11g client will automatically put the new 11g home in the front of the PATH, so you'll probably want to move the 10g home back to the front after install, via the OUI (click installed products, environment tab, move the 10g home to the top of the list, apply). Using the OUI to do it will also re-register any 10g com objects (oledb, oo4o, etc). 11g ODP.NET doesn't need PATH though, so it will work with the 10g home in front.

          If you're not using any 10g ODP.NET apps, you're good to go at that point. If you ARE using 10g opd.net apps, you may need to remove the Publisher Policy files in the GAC to keep using 10g ODP.NET. By default , ODP installs policy files that automatically point odp.net apps looking for older versions to the latest version. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/windows/faq-093106.html#policy

          Hope it helps,