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    How to embed user credentials in Secured Web Service from OBIEE 11gFMW?

    Ahsan Shah
      I am trying to invoke a webservice that I successfully exposed as a WSDL Web Service using EBS Integrated SOA Gateway. I am using OBIEE 11g Action Framework which uses WebLogic.

      Here are the steps I completed:

      - I exposed a WSDL web service in EBS R12 via Integrated SOA Gateway
      - I granted the access to this service in EBS R12 to user SYSADMIN
      - I used OBIEE 11g to make a Action to call the Web service (using Action Framework) by searching for the WSDL
      - When I try to execute the action: I get the error:

      Action could not be invoked.
      ServiceExecutionFailure :
      Error invoking web service HR_PHONE_API_Service at endpoint http://ip-10-87-33-3.ec2.internal:8000/webservices/SOAProvider/plsql/hr_phone_api/ Missing <wsse:Security> in SOAP Header

      PROBLEM: I am unsure how to add the credentials for SYSADMIN user and password to add the SOAP username/pwd to the outgoing call. According to the documentation in the Integrators guide, FMW Security guide, and Web Logic guides..seems we have to configure the SOAP call to have the proper credentials. The documentation is not very clear on exactly how to do this. I tried to set up the credential store and an account in ActionFrameWorkConfig.xml but I am still missing something. I am logged into OBIEE as biadmin and I am trying to call a webservie in EBS that is granted to SYSADMIN/sysadmin user. Pls advise.