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    NFC card emulation


      I have an NFC phone that supports SWP and SIM card that supports SWP. I am trying to develop an applet on SIM card that I could access with my NFC reader. SIM card provider sent me a test applet, that I installed it on my SIM card and it is selectable by my NFC reader, I can send APDU commands to it and get expected results. I installed my own applet on SIM card, I even coppied the install parameters of the test applet from the provider but NFC reader does not select my applet. I get error 6A82.

      I can not find much information on the internet and the help/response from the provider is very poor. Can someone give give men an example or basic steps that would explain me how to create SWP-NFC applet. My applet is a simple send command get response javacard applet. I tested it and it is working if I insert SIM into smart card reader.

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          you have to change the app visibility on the CL interface

          see GP 2.2 admendment C.

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            I have read that document, could you specify what page talks about application visibility? I also have a comment from the SIM provider. They say, that "for indication of successfully registered NFC-Applications check LCSI byte, it must be 07." As I understand 07 means Activated. GP 2.2 admendment C has a "GET STATUS Command".
            "The GET STATUS command is used to retrieve the CRS registered Contactless Applications display information, the Lifecycle status and other information according to the given match/search criteria"
            When I execute it:
             80 F2 40 00 0D 4F 0B 07 DC 02 47 14 46 BC D5 37 C8 01 00 
            I get:
             0B 07 DC 02 47 14 46 BC D5 37 C8 01 07 00 90 00 
            My application ID is 07 DC 02 47 14 46 BC D5 37 C8 01, after that follows 07 is this LCSI byte?
            I also tried adding 5C tag to data field, to get more information. I tried different tags with 5C, like 4F, 9F70:
            Tag  Length  Value    Presence
            '5C' 1-n    Tag list  Optional
            80 F2 40 00 0D 4F 0B 07 DC 02 47 14 46 BC D5 37 C8 01 5C 03 4F 9F 70 00
            but everything I try with 5C I get 6A80 :(