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    Weblogic Proxy Plugin

      Hello all,

      we use Oracle Weblogic Application servers behind out webservers. on the webservers we use libproxy.so Proxy plugins. The questions is, that how we can indentifí what version this .so object is? The name of the all files is only libproxy.so, and the file size are differrent. It is some method, how we indentify this file versions can?


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          strings libproxy.so | grep -i VERSION
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            One way to identify the plugin version is to set "DebugConfigInfo" to "ON" and then access a valid application page of an application deployed on the backend weblogic server via sunone webserver with the query string "?__WebLogicBridgeConfig" (For example: http://myWebServerServerIP:WebServerPort/myApp/index.jsp?__WebLogicBridgeConfig). The query string is case sensitive, so please ensure correct case is used in the URL.
            For example,
            <Object ppath="*/weblogic/*">
            Service fn=wl-proxy WebLogicHost=myserver.com WebLogicPort=7001 PathTrim="/weblogic" DebugConfigInfo=ON
            query string ?__WebLogicBridgeConfig tells the plug-in to gather the configuration information and run-time statistics and returns the information to the browser. The plug-in does not connect to WebLogic Server in this case.
            Then at the bottom of this page you can see the "build date" AND "change number" that collectively indicate the plugin version.

            For more information on this parameter