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    Link issue

      Link goes down when tried to bring it up to full duplex.

      the current status is as below:

      # dladm show-dev
      ce0 link: up speed: 100 Mbps duplex: half
      ce1 link: down speed: 0 Mbps duplex: unknown

      Could anyone please help here.
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          That may be because of your switch. What switch are you connecting to?
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            Try to replace the UDP cable. And, if I remember correctly, older Solaris systems have a problem with autonegotiate, in which case both, the switch port and the host network card need to be set to a fixed speed. Link Auto-negotiate is usually default.
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              In general you do not want to set the speed of the interface manually unless is really necessary.
              Check your kstat -p output and make sure your interface is set to auto-negotiate as well as the switch port.