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    Unable to acknowledge a outbound EDIFACT ORDERS document.

      We are sending a EDIFACT ORDERS ( D98A version ) to one of our partner and it is successfully reaching the destination folder. Since we are expecting the funtional acknowledgement from partner i have checked the "Functional ack " and also set the "FA Handled by B2B " to "YES" . So once the data reached to the partner message status is "MSG_WAIT_FA" . Although the partner is sending functional acknowledgement back to us and it is successfully consumed by Oracle B2B still the messaage status for EDIFACT ORDERS is "MSG_WAIT_FA" . Please help me to resolve this issue.

      Below are the configuration what i did.
      1) Created a new agreement for D3 CONTRL
      2) The Functional Ack Handled by B2B=true
      3) checked FA handled by B2B = Yes in D98A ORDERS agreement
      4) Functional Ack = checked in D98A ORDERS agreement
      5) Both ORDERS and CONTRL agreements Saved-->Validated and deployed.
      6) I have created the listening channel for CONTRL agreement.