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    ConsoleEventListener Customization Validation

      I have coded a ConsoleEventListener class that extends off AMConsoleListenerAdapter. I have an attribute in LDAP that is unique and limited to 5-digit random PIN.

      Initially, I used the Access Manager to get the uniqueness of the organization's attribute. Next, I used the Custom ConsoleEventListener class to perform the validation during the onBeforeUpdateValues method.

      When a new user is added to the organization, a new PIN needs to the added for the user.

      I attempted to update ConsoleEventListener, to perform uniqueness and 5-digit validation. I coded a LDAPUtility class that looks identifies if the PIN exists. This is fine when performing validation checks on a current user that is to be assigned a new for different PIN number; however, I was not able to figure out how to allow the "Save" function execute properly if the update for the current user had not changed and the Save button is pressed.

      I would of used the PIN in combination of the uid in LDAP, but that information is not passed to the ConsoleEventListener so I was stuck.

      Honestly, I wanted to intercept the class for uniqueness, but I did not see a means to do this.

      Anybody have an idea what I might be doing wrong or what approach I could take to resolve this?

      As fyi, I am using iPlanet Web Server 7.1 on a Solaris box.