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    Unable to complete autoinvoice from OM


      I have entered sale order and shipping done with status "shipped", but after ran 'autoinvoice master program' in AR i am not able to see the invoice in Receivables. (autoinvoice master program complete successfully) (R12)

      This is my new TEST setup, i may missing something.

      Please suggest me to fix the issue, also list me autoinvoice setups so that i will verify with my setups.

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          Hi Suresh,
          Auto-Invoice fires only if sales order lines are in "Closed" status.
          Run request "work flow background process" and close the sales order line then try running Auto-Invoice program.

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            Hi Arif,

            Thanks a lot...my sale order 'status' was not closed.

            Now its ok.. but some of other issue are listing after ran autoinvoice master program..

            Errors: 1) Invalid bill to customer id (ORIG_SYSTEM_BILL_CUSTOMER_ID) ((Null))
            2) The Bill To address id must exist in Oracle Receivables, and it must be assigned to the Bill To customer
            (ORIG_SYSTEM_BILL_ADDRESS_ID) ((Null))

            for this also i got support note 1097925.1. but still issue not fixed..

            Pls guide me..

            If u have any setup doc for OM & AR pls sent to me @ ksuresh001@gmail.com

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              Look at AutoInvoice Setup for Release 12: A Case Study Using a Simple Script [ID 1067402.1]

              Look at 9. Manage Transaction Sources maybe you should switch from id to value.