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      Does TimesTen support "Active-Active" replication --- where updates/writes can be done to more than one instance concurrently?

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          Gennady Sigalaev
          Dear user6687665,

          Yes, TimesTen supports the "Active-Active" replication. All updates will be transferred between two instances but you should avoid a situation with updating the same row at the same time. Timesten also has a conflict detection mechanism.
          For more information please see the documentation (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E21901_01/doc/timesten.1122/e21635/design.htm#CACDEIBF)

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            If you are using TimesTen to cache Oracle database tables (via TimesTen Cache Group), the supported Replication configuration for HA is Active-Standby Pair with optional subscribers for readonly. In A/S Pair configuration, updates are allowed only on the Active and Standby can be used for reads.

            Can you expand on your use-case and what you meant by active-active? What are your high availability requirements?