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    Data Upload Based On View

    Epic Fail
      I’m running Oracle 11.2 with Apex 4.1.

      I need a way to do a lookup table based on two or more columns in the csv that the user uploads.
      Ex: csv contains “PLOT” and “SUBPLOT” these two columns are looked up in another table and “SUBPLOT_ID” is returned

      I don’t / didn’t see a way to do this using the standard wizard builder. I then noticed that under the “Create Data Load Wizard” screen I could see both tables and views in the schema. I first created a view that duplicated the columns that would be uploaded in the csv. Then I created the necessary ‘instead of‘ triggers to make the view capable of DML operations. The data upload wizard creates just fine using the view as its target. Once I start uploading data and get to the second page (Data / Table Mapping) the data in the csv is not parsed out. In other words each line is being read as a single field. The select box containing the column names does list all the columns in the view.

      1) Does anyone know a way to do a multi column lookup in the wizard?
      2) Am I supposed to be able to use a view as the data upload target? (I am aware that the wizard creator is asking for a table name as the target.)