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    Reporting for Auto-Map Correct

      We are working towards implementing Batch Processing or what Tony Scalese famously refers to as "lights-out automation" and wanted to get some feedback from those have successfully implemented this process.

      My question is specific to generating a report that will tell the Accounting users when an Auto-Map has occurred with the proper amount of detail so that they can take action and correct the mapping issue.

      Any thoughts or experiences that you can share would be greatly appreciated.
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          Auto-Map is designed to automatically map any source members that do not currently have a target map. If you do not want to have this done, you should not use Auto-Map and let the Batch process fail at validate to allow the end users to enter a proper map for the source record.

          You could design a custom solution that would e-mail users when the validate step fails and allow them to go to the POV and add a mapping for the record.

          Tony should be famillar with this.
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            You are correct and we do want the auto map feature because we do not want the batch process to fail as the result of a mapping issue. We do however want to alert the Finance Admin when an auto map occurred so that they can correct the mapping prior to the next scheduled batch process. We have come up with our own custom solution for this and I was looking to see how other may have handled this.
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              we too working with the same task now, can u suggest what kind of custom solution which you have implemented to indicate the users whenever Automap occurred via mail.

              Any suggestion would be greatly helpful. Thanks in advance
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                I do not have access to an FDM applicaiotn at the moment, but from memory, there is a standard batch report which gives the detials of aotomap corrections, and i also think that where an auto map correction takes place, then a standard text message (somwething like 'auto map suspense') is entered in a description field on the tdataseg record for the locaitons, so you could write some sql in one of the event scripts (e.g. aftvalidate) to find and report them.

                Just another couple of things; if the entity field is being mapped to a suspense entity via the auto map suspense, when the mapping is corrected and the file is run through again, the syspnese entity will not get cleared in the target system unless it is done manually in the target, or you include additional coding in FDM to cater for the situation. Also, there is still the possibility that the batch can fail, as the combination of suspense and actual target codes for a record could result in an intersection error, in which case you need to think whether you switch intersection validaiton off which would then allow the correct records to load (assuming you are posting to HFM) whilst the error records willl not get loaded and a further process is then required to report these errors.
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                  further to my previous mail, i might be slightly wrong on the segment details, but the following is a bit of sql code i found from a project i did several years ago which looked for the mapped batch suspnse records which might be a bit clearer (entity was mapped to 'ignore' in this case):

                  Const ForReading = 1, ForWriting = 2, ForAppending = 8
                       strToDate = CStr(Year(Date())&"_" & Month(Date())& "_" & Day(Date()))
                       segKey = API.POVMgr.fCheckLocProf(API.POVMgr.PPOVLocation).lngSegKey
                       strSegTableName = "tDataSeg" & CStr(segKey)
                  strPerKey = API.POVMgr.fPeriodKey(API.POVMgr.PPOVPeriod).strDateKey
                  '--------------------Query for fetching Entity Information------------
                  strSQL = "SELECT SrcKey, SrcDesc"
                  strSQL = strSQL & " FROM tDataMap"
                  strSQL = strSQL & " Where SrcKey in (SELECT DISTINCT Entity "
                  strSQL = strSQL & " FROM " & strSegTableName
                  strSQL = strSQL & " WHERE periodKey = '" & strPerKey & "'"
                  strSQL = strSQL & " AND catKey = " & CStr(RES.PlngCatKey)
                  strSQL = strSQL & " AND partitionKey = " & CStr(RES.PlngLocKey)
                  strSQL = strSQL & " AND EntityX = 'Ignore')"
                  strSQL = strSQL & " AND SrcDesc = 'Auto Map Suspense'"
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                    Stuart Game

                    There is also a standard report Batch Reports > Batch Auto Map Changes that is supposed to list all the changes made by AutoMapCorrect.

                    Having said that the last project I worked on where this was required we used a method similar to your SQL to output to text file.

                    Hope this helps