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    Broker UI and accounts in LDAP

      Can the broker UI deal with accounts that are not in /etc/passwd+/etc/passwd but are in an LDAP server.
      We have 14 brokers and managing the personal accounts of the admin teams is a hassle.
      Everybody is in AD anyways so if we could use AD as a user database ( as if it was and LDAP server ) and use pam_ldap to authenticate we would not need to do anything difficult to have account+password syncing with AD.
      Solaris CLI access and vda cli access would be no problem, but I have not found any documentation if the Broker BUI uses the correct mechanisms to find users and authenticate ( get{pg,gr}* and pam ) ?
      Or is the BUI always assuming users are in /etc/passwd+/etc/shadow with crypt() encrypted passwords ?