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    Siebel Sales 8.1 Automation through OpenScript

      I am using Siebel Sales 8.1 and trying to automate it using Openscript. I have verified the steps in UserGuide and have also google the settings which needs to be done on the siebel server.

      I followed these steps:

      1) Log into Siebel as an administrator: Site Map → Administrator - Server Configuration -> Servers -> (Pick Server) -> Select (Object Manger) -> Parameters -> Change EnableAutomation & AllowAnonUsers to True.

      2) You will also need to enter a license code for the changes to take effect:

      Log into Siebel as an administrator Site Map → Administration - Application → License Keys → New → Enter (License, OK, 99999, Never) → Save

      You can find the license codes at http://licensecodes.oracle.com/siebel.html

      I added the following key: *5676 7325 0071 8949 2507 7350 7995 0792 5079 2507 9250 783* ( for Siebel CRM Base "CRM Base" includes Sales, Service and Marketing Automation)

      3) Restart you server for the changes to take effect.

      4) Once that is done we can start recording scripts, to do so we will need to tell Siebel that we like to use the test Automation Framework during a particular session, we do that by adding SWECmd=AutoOn in the URL as a parameter:


      5) If its the first time that you are running it when login into Siebel IE will ask for a plug-in to be installed, once you have successfully logged in, check your task manager to make sure that the Siebel Automatation Framework is running, you should see a process called SiebelAx_Test_Automcation_xxxx.exe running.

      OpenScript is unable to identify any object in the Siebel Sales 8.1 Application. Step 5 above also did not happen to me. I am suspecting if the license key I have used is correct.
      Please help me. Also, please let me know the license key to use for Siebel Sales 8.1 Automation.
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          Clear the files in C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files directory
          Make sure IE browser settings are set to allow downloading activex controls (Prompt for signed and unsigned ActiveX).
          Restart Siebel Server and open the URL in IE
          After logging in, you will be prompted to download Siebel HI Client and Siebel Automation ActiveX files. Say Yes and it will download it to the above directory.
          Now verify if it is recorded.
          Also, make sure you have selected the correct plugin (Siebel Functional or Siebel Load) in OpenScript

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            Hi Raj, thanks for the reply. I followed your suggested steps but on login only Siebel HI Client prompts me for download and not Siebel Automation ActiveX files.
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              Are you enabling automation for the Sales component? Make sure you do that under Administration - Server Configuration => Enterprises => Component Definitions => Query for the Sales Object Manager and change the value for EnableAutomation to True. Bounce the Siebel server after that.
              In the Siebel URL, append SWECmd=AutoOn. example: http://<server_name>:<port>/<Siebel_OM>_enu/start.swe?SWECmd=AutoOn
              Verify for SiebelAx_Test_Automation process in the Task Manager
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                Hi Raj, No success. Siebel Automation ActiveX files did not download and the service is also not available. I am using Windows 7. It might be a problem?