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    PeopleSoft to DRM integration

    Likith Lanka
      Is there a way to integrate PeopleSoft to DRM?

      Requirement: Couple of Hierarchies will be maintained in PeopleSoft. If there are any changes in PeopleSoft, it will push out a flat file. DRM needs to load those changes on a regular basis.

      I know I can do this by Scheduling an Import/Blendor combination. Is that the only way to do this?
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          If you are receiving the changes from PeopleSoft, couldn't run an automater(action script) to load the changes into DRM? I am not sure why you would need to import/blend.

          I may be missing something in your question.
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            Likith Lanka
            I was told that, I will be receiving the whole hierarchy and not just the new changes, I am in middle of an already designed project.

            Please correct the following statements, if I am wrong.
            1) If I receive the whole hierarchy, I need to import and blend.

            2) If I just get the new changes list, I can always do an automator.
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              1)You are correct. Another option is load the PeopleSoft hierarchy and the DRM hierarchy into a database, then compare the two hierarchies to get the changes. Once you have the changes, you could load them into DRM. This option may not be that great if you have to perform the comparison on several hierarchies, but it is another option.

              2)This is correct.
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                Likith Lanka
                Thank you.
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                  Import and blend is only the best option... You can control out of DRM to export only new changes but not in to the DRM. As source (People soft) does NOT operate based on the DRM..
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                    If you have Oracle/SqlServer in place a simple procedure will do the needful, you consider the whole extract you receive from PSFT onto a table ( Ex: STG_SOURCE) using External table concept and also maintain the same in a backup table (Ex:BKP_STG_SOURCE) after the first execution, from the next subsequent executions it will take care by comparing the BKP_STG_SOURCE and STG_SOURCE tables, which is a simple solution with which you can avoid creation of new versions ( from Import process) and blending the whole hiearchy on a daily basis will impact your system performance.