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    Drag and drop panels

      Are there any plans to allow drag and drop on panels like you can drag windows in eclipse and reshape your desktop?
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          I think you may be asking about a docking framework.
          In which case see this thread: javafx 2.0 docking manager "javafx 2.0 docking manager"
          In short, although it may considered for a future release, there is no immediate plan for Oracle to implement such a feature this year.
          A community project could also implement such a feature, but, so far, no such project has been created.
          A reasonable alternative if you need this functionality is to create a SWT/Swing application using the Eclipse or Netbeans platforms and embed JavaFX inside the dockable panels provided by the chosen platform.
          The feature request for this issue is: http://javafx-jira.kenai.com/browse/RT-14039 - you can vote for it or add comments to it if you wish.