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      • 30. Re: Oracle Linux
        I understand your update, but i'm looking the possiblities to have the email attachment facility instead of having text message body in the email.
        Like I was trying to explain (obviously in vain) there is no such thing like an "email attachment facility" in SMTP. When you are sending email through a Internet SMTP gateway it is perfectly normal that email attachments are simply an encoded part of one and the same email.

        It is the receiving email system or client that needs to understand the encoding to be able to extract the encoded part of an email and interpret the attachment. Sometimes it might be a setting that needs to be set on the receiving email server or client, or perhaps the receiving mail system only accepts certain attachment extensions.
        Can you give me the more deatils on email client that can handle binary encoding and attachments.
        Well, you do not respond when being asked a simple question in return and do not seem to bother to mark posts as helpful or correct and threads as answered.
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