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    incident report not reporting correctly

      I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, or if it's just one of those things ?

      i have a patch (147161) that is the fix for a bug on systems with bge interfaces.

      I want to check which systems do NOT have the patch.

      I'm running the compliance report, and selecting the updates for 147161. This gives me the incidents for 147161-1, 147161-2, 147161-3 and 147161-4. When I select all of them it tells me most of my systems are NOT compliant
      However! when I only filter on 147161-4 it tells me ALL of my systems ARE compliant ?
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          Have you considered trying a Profile Report? If you create an Update Profile with this patch (147161-04, and also 147162-04 if you also have S10 x86 systems you want to check) in it, you can then run a Profile Report under Reports and pick that Profile and the systems you want to check on it. There are several advantages to this:

          Runs a simulate job on the system(s) so you are sure to get the latest inventory of the agent
          Shows you dependencies needed too (this patch requires a certain kernel patch, the kernel patch has other dependencies, etc)
          Can export the report in PDF, CSV, or run interactively

          I don't see how to attach a screenshot here but it's pretty easy to set this up.
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            thanks, I'll give it a go next week. it's long weekend over here so no work for now ;)

            creating a profile report (with a uesr-defined update profile) works really well. I like this more than the normal report since it does give me the dependencies etc.

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