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    Problem with the supplier side setup for Punchout using iProcurement

      Hello, I am a system integrator building the supplier side of the Puchout system.
      We are using a "Model 2b" Puchout system, which is a Punchout from Oracle iProcurement Directly to Supplier-Hosted Catalog (via cXML).
      (You can find the manual for the punchout in the link -> http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B12190_11/current/acrobat/icx115punchout.pdf)

      I was able to successfully complete the following steps.

      1. Analyze the PunchoutSetupRequest(cXML) sent from the iProcurement Server.
      2. Send the PunchoutSetupResponse(cXML) to the requester's browser.
      3. The requester was able to access our Supplier-Hosted Catalog.

      After the requester finishes adding items to the supplier's (our) site,
      the requester pushes the checkout button.

      With this trigger our system sends the shopping cart content back to the URL provided in the "PunchoutSetupRequest (cXML)",
      but we get a system error telling us that the transaction failed.
      This was due to the fact that the URL provided in the "PunchoutSetupRequest (cXML)" was invalid.
      (It did not point to a specific Global IP)

      From what I have read in the manual, the URL in the "PunchoutSetupRequest (cXML)" is the URL of the requester's browser,
      and not the URL of the iProcurement Server.
      Is there anything that I may be doring wrong, or is this the fault of the setup on the requester's side.

      Thank you for your support.
      Please tell me if I need to post any additional information.