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    External Document Collaboration Interview Invitation

      Beehive Online is a system designed to allow Oracle and external parties to collaborate and share content, arrange meetings, hold web conferences and thereby increase the efficiency of the process of working together.

      The Oracle Collaboration Product Management organization is interested in interviewing Oracle employees who use the Beehive Online system to better understand how we can improve this type of collaboration.

      Some of the topics of conversation would include:

      •     How do you typically collaborate with people outside of your company?     
      •     How do you share information/documents with the customer/partner/vendor?
      •     How do you bring new external people into a collaborating team?
      •     How do you organize the work in a project between different team members?
      •     How do you review documents?
      •     When multiple people collaborate on a document what happens?
      •     How do you handle follow up questions / areas that need more discussion?
      •     Do you track tasks/open issues?
      •     How do you keep track of new documents or updates to documents?

      If you are interested and would be willing to spend an hour helping us out please send an email to mark.paterson@oracle.com.