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    Need to run "clearfault" on M5000

      I have a customer that has an M5000 <b>not</b> under maintenance with Oracle. They have a fault condition on the frame and they need to run "clearfault" to clear the condition. Will Oracle supply the special password without a contract?
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          patro sitaram

          Sorry, with out contract they will not provide you servicemode password.

          If you have acess the My Oracle support just create one SR like "Contact US" through that you can take the help from oracle support center.
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            I can't believe they can get away with that. Imagine if GM or Ford made a car that you HAD to have a maintenance contract on to clear the "check engine" light when it came on...
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              See if your customer can open a support call on a Time-and-Materials basis.
              (Have them be seated when they're quoted the T&M fees.)
              That will get a Service Engineer to the customer's site with the password to fix the system.

              That SE will input it to the chassis and the system will get repaired.

              Also request that the SR be dispatched and escalated through the customer's local District Service Manager with a request to waive the T&M charges. The DSM has the responsibility to maintain company Good Will and to maintain company profitability in the local district.

              The worst that can happen is that the customer gets the service on a pay-as-you-go basis.
              They could also get the charges waived if they put the system under contract.
              They could also just get the charges waived.
              It will all depend on what sort of relationship they have with the DSM.