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    OBIEE 10g - Dashboard Prompt Calender Date Format


      In OBIEE I am using a dashboard prompt of calender type which display the date as 'MM/DD/YYYY' in the Text Field meant for prompt.
      This value is passed to the direct database request using a presentation variable.

      In the query, it is received in the format 'YYYY-MM-DD' but my requirement is that the prompt value should be received in the format 'MM/DD/YYYY'.

      Please advice how to do it.

      Thanks & regards
      Nitin Aggarwal
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          user Timestampadd ' @{pv1} ' as workaround
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            Thanks for reply,

            My issue is that there are a bulk of reports which are working fine with older version of OBIEE 10g.
            I did a new installation and facing this issue. Now, its not possible to change all the reports or prompts.

            What I need is a way may be a change in some script so that date selected in calender is passed in the same format to query via presentation variable.

            Like in calender, its in the format 'MM/DD/YYYY' whereas in query its being passed as 'YYYY-MM-DD' which is creating the issue. I want the value selected in calender to be received in the format 'MM/DD/YYYY'.

            Please help.

            Thanks & regards
            Nitin Aggarwal
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              Satya Ranki Reddy

              Evaluate Function
              EVALUATE function can be used in OBIEE to directly to call a Database Function from OBIEE Answers

              Syntax:-EVALUATE('your db function(%1,%2)', parameter list)
              ---%1 and %2 are no.of parameters (in this example 2 parameters will be passed to the database function)

              %1, ..., %X means - x number of parameters will be passed, and the values for those parameters will be passed in the parameter list.


              EVALUATE('TO_CHAR(%1,%2)' ,"Dim- Date".Start Date,'DD-MON-YY')
              EVALUATE('TO_CHAR(%1,%2)' AS CHARACTER ( 30 ), "Dim- Date".Start Date, 'MON-YY')


              Awards points it is useful.


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