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    configure SG-XPCIE8SAS-E-Z LSI 1068E(C0) SAS controller on Solarix 10 x86

      I have installed a SAS controller SG-XPCIE8SAS-E-Z on SUNFIRE X4540 machine, this controller was recognized by the OS as mpt6:scsi

      cfgadm -al
      c5::dsk/c5t7d0 disk connected configured unknown
      mpt6:scsi scsi-bus connected unconfigured unknown
      usb0/1 unknown empty unconfigured ok

      I tried to use
      cfgadm -c configure mpt6:scsi
      the command finished without any warning (return status was 0), but the controller is still in the "unconfigured" state. Do I need to connect some disks to make it "configured"?

      How can I configured it as controller 6 -- c6 and make it "configured"?

      I am running on "SunOS bfs4 5.10 Generic_142901-07 i86pc i386 i86pc"

      Thank you very much for share your expertise.