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    Change Management pack and Tuning Packs Usage

      I would like to know if my oracle databases are using change management pack or not.
      From the link below, I see change management pack has several features.


      If I use DBA_FEATURE_USAGE_STATISTICS, for example for partitioning, I can find the first usage date and if it currently used or not.
      How can I get similar information for Change Management Pack and Tuning Packs?

      Thank You
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          kuljeet singh -
          To control Diagnostic Pack and Tuning Pack

          Beginning with Oracle Database 11g, the CONTROL_MANAGEMENT_PACK_ACCESS initialization parameter controls access to the Diagnostic Pack and Tuning Pack. You can set this parameter to one of the following values:

          DIAGNOSTIC+TUNING — Diagnostic Pack and Tuning Pack functionally is enabled in the database server.

          DIAGNOSTIC — Only Diagnostic Pack functionality is enabled in the server.

          NONE — Diagnostic Pack and Tuning Pack functionally is disabled in the database server.

          Kuljeet pal Singh
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            kuljeet singh -
            Change Management Pack
            The Change Management Pack for Oracle Database enables administrators to evaluate, plan, and implement database schema changes to support new application requirements without error and data loss while minimizing downtime. Using the Change Management Pack, administrators can investigate and track complex changes, compare and synchronize objects and schemas, modify schema objects, evaluate the change impact, and if required, undo previous changes. The Change Management Pack makes change management simple and efficient, and minimizes chances for error, thereby reducing the opportunity for data loss and system down-time.

            In order to use the features of Change Management Pack , you must install the Java console version of Enterprise Manager, which you can find in the /companion directory of the installation medium. The use of this interface requires licensing of the Change Management Pack.

            Licensed Links
            The following licensed pages and links of this pack apply to change management for Oracle Databases.

            From the Grid Control Home page, select the Databases sub-tab. In the Related Links section, the following links and associated pages are licensed as part of the pack:

            Dictionary Baselines

            Dictionary Comparisons

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              Thanks Kuljeet for your reply.
              We have some databases on 10G and some on 11G. Is there any way we can query a datadictionary view to find out if Change management Pack is ever used on Oracle 10g similar to how we can get other options like partitioning or RAC from DBA_FEATURE_USAGE_STATISTICS?

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                A great complement to your Oracle Database and a superior alternative to the change pack
                is the TeamWork change management solution.
                I suggest you check it out here http://www.dbmaestro.com

                In addition to all the benefits of the change management pack
                TeamWork offers a lot more and integrates as part of the development process.
                Some outstanding features offered by TeamWork:
                3 way analysis , check in/check out process for updates, change policy enforcement,
                Enables rollbacks of specific objects to specific points in time.

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