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    Build errors with ANT in weblogic 12c examples

      Hi ,

      i am trying to compile the physician module from the avitek medical records (medrec) example provided with weblogic 12c download. i am facing a build issue and could not figure out a solutions, appreciate your help on this.

      Env : windows XP

      issue is

      C:\weblogic\Oracle\Middleware\wlserver\samples\server\medrec\modules\physician\domain\build.xml:7: taskdef class weblogic.wsee
      .tools.anttasks.ClientGenTask cannot be found
      using the classloader AntClassLoader[]
      at org.apache.tools.ant.taskdefs.Definer.addDefinition(Definer.java:622)

      i searched in this form and found a solution for weblogic 10 for a similar issue but with "Jwsc task def"
      Ant build error with WebLogic 10.3

      i tried the following solutions from the above thread

      1. <property name="weblogic.jar.classpath" value="C:/weblogic/Oracle/Middleware/wlserver/server/lib"/> , inserted this in the build.xml but could not fix the issue,
      i manually checked in my folders but could not find weblogic.jar.classpath file i was able to only see weblogic.jar in the location above .

      i didn't try adding the child element as i wasn't sure since i couldn't find the weblogic.jar.classpath.

      Thanks in advance.