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    Java Programmer I (1Z0-803), just passed

      I just passed the Java Programmer I exam (OCA Java SE7). Just wanted to let you know how I prepared for it. There's no official study guide for it yet, so I bought the SCJA book by Cameron McKenzie (ISBN 978-1598729023). I worked through this book twice and tried all the sample questions and answers. The coverage of J2EE in this book is not covered in the new Programmer I exam, but makes interesting background reading.

      I then followed Oracle's tutorial link for the Java Programmer I exam here [http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/extra/certification/javase-7-programmer1.html|Programmer I tutorial] , and studied all the topics that weren't already covered in the SCJA book. Note that the Java Programmer I exam tests error handling whereas the old SCJA exam didn't.

      Some tips for the exam:
      1. I found the timing very tight compared to other certification exams I've taken, I completed the 90 questions with just 4 minutes remaining.
      2. There were few short questions, most questions required you to study a short Java class.
      [further points removed by moderator for exam security purposes]

      I'm going to be preparing for the Programmer II exam shortly (1Z1-804), if there's anyone out there that's just passed this exam, I'd be very interested to hear how you prepared for this.

      cheers, Richard.

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          Welcome to the forum. Thanks for sharing your experience. I want to ask you, if i simply study only from that tutorial ( http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/extra/certification/javase-7-programmer1.html ), it isn't enough? I did not have that book you mentioned. And that book covers also the J2EE, which is not important in the context of 1Z0-803 exam.

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            congratulations for passing the exam. actually i am also planning to give this exam and frm two weeks m studying some chapters from OCJP 6.0 by kethy and berts, and also from sun java tutorial u mentioned. from your experience i also get confidence and guidence.

            thank you... hope ill also soon pass this exam with good score.
            once again congratulations.
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              Congratulations for passing the exam. I just wanted to ask you whether it is sufficient if i study kathy and bert scjp 6 book and go through the online tutorial which you have mentioned for passing 1Z0-803 exam. Also did you attempted any mock tests prior to the exam and if so, can you mention the site which provides good mock tests.
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                Brandye Barrington-Oracle
                Since this thread is from several months ago, I suggest marking this one as answered and opening a new thread to ask your questions.

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