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    APPENDTXM function...fields not showing if on 2nd page, ideas?

      Hey all,

      I'm using Studio 11.4. I'm using "APPENDTXM" to put my sections to a dummy form with a fixed set of multiline fields. The ML fields are on one page can they can grow and span multiple pages.

      Say I'm appending 5 sections and they're too large that the last two goes onto page two. For these 4th and 5th section that's on page two, problem is the fields that I'm trying to edit in the plugin shows up on the CORNER of the first page. I can edit them (on the top corner of page 1, not where they actually are in the text), but when I distribute the form, the values are actually gone on the form. They're not there.

      Ideas? Thoughts? thanks!
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          Mr Peabody-Oracle
          Although you describe appending "sections" to your form, this is not what APPENDTXM does. This function appends the text area content from a named section into a MLT field you have named as the destination. We usually refer to that as "appending paragraphs" or "paragraph assembly".

          You say the fields are in the "upper corner" of the first page. What you have are hidden fields and when these hidden fields don't have a known reference on the page, they will display the edit box for entry in corner as you have described. Hidden fields are allowed because you might collect data that is used in calcuations or other queries even though you don't have any intention to print. The question for your scenario is should your fields have appeared where you thought they would?

          To answer this, we perhaps go back to the first potential misunderstanding.

          If you want to add "full" sections to a form, you should use the ADDIMAGE() function instead. This will include the section as an entirety and not just the paragraph content. And you don't name a MLT field as the destination. (Apologies for the name ADDIMAGE; what we now call "sections" used to be called "images".)

          If you are trying to do paragraph assembly where you import the text area from a named section, then APPENDTXM is the correct route. You just have to know that any fields you want to "import" also have to be referenced within the paragraph content. When the content is imported, the field references will "link" up. Then as the paragraphs flow across pages, the fields should move along with the references and display on the proper page. If they don't, I would suggest you put together a small example and submit it to Support.
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            Thanks for your useful reply! that makes sense now. Sometimes if i try to put two text areas on one section, only one will show up with APPENDTXM. Questions:

            1.) "hidden fields don't have a known reference on the page", what does that mean exactly? meaning the hidden field it's not actually used on the CURRENT page? The answer to your question is NO, the fields will NOT display on the ML field that has been pushed to the 2nd page. Even though the pop up box shows on the first page (top left corner), you can put something in that field and tab, it actually won't show on the text on the 2nd page.

            2.) "any fields that you want to import has to be referenced within the paragraph content". I think I do. In the section that has the paragraph I want, there are hidden fields in there and the reference to that field. It looks like when this paragraphs are going to the 2nd page, the hidden fields are not going along with it. This is where I'm missing out. I can't get the fields to be "imported" to the sections that are going to the 2nd page. Please help! Let me know if you have any additional ideas. Maybe I'm not understanding this properly. If I can't get this to work, i'll submit to support.

            I'll look into that ADDIMAGE() function. Unfortunately all of the forms are currently set up for the APPENDTXM. It's just not working correctly. None of that goes to a 2nd page. The content is there. The fields are just not.