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    'Failed to Create the SOA Component'

      Hi All,

      I have installed the Jdeveloper in my windows 7 machine.

      Versions are as below,
      ADF Business Components
      BPMN Editor
      Java (TM) Platform 1.6.0_18
      Oracle IDE
      SOA Composite Editor
      Versioning Support

      machine RAM - 2GB
      Have enough hard disk spaces (more than 50 G)

      Im getting a error *'Failed to create the SOA component'* when i trying to create a BPMN project.

      It works properly for BPEL projects.

      I have reinstalled the jdeveloper several times, but didn't work.
      What should i do???

      Thank You.......

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          Do you have install BPM Extension?
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            Yes ..

            version is ----> BPMN Editor

            when i try to include a *'BPMN Process'* to Composite.xml it gives below error,

                 at oracle.bpm.fusion.soa.SCAComponentBPMN.createImplementation(SCAComponentBPMN.java:71)
                 at oracle.tip.tools.ide.fabric.gui.controller.ActionComponentEdit.add(ActionComponentEdit.java:102)
                 at oracle.tip.tools.ide.fabric.gui.controller.ActionComponentEdit.process(ActionComponentEdit.java:78)

            Thank You

            IS THERE ANYONE TO HELP ME ?????

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            When i create the project in a different folder it got created.
            But i cant create BPMN projects in new folders


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