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    Post Installation AutoVue Authentication Issue


      I have Installed Autovue20.2 Client Server edition with Authentication mechanism > Kerberos (JAAS) & configured jetty as per Installation documentation Instruction.

      In browser it shows ok status for VueServlet page http://abc.xyz.com:5098/servlet/VueServlet/ & server running.

      But when I try to browse https://abc.xyz.com:8443/AutoVue/AutoVue.html i get Autovue authentication window for username/password.

      Even when I run Jvue.bat it ask for userid/password & in black commnad window I can see error message after entering admin userid - "JVue: Missing resource User did not supply credentials for authentication. in com.cimmetry.vueframe.resources.VueFrame (Locale=en)"

      Please let me know which userid/password we need to enter here.. if any additional tool installation /any configuration missing pls let me know.
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          If you choose to install AutoVue configure with JAAS/Kerberos, we assume you have setup a valid Kerberos KDC needed by the protocol: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa378747(v=vs.85).aspx . On Windows the Kerberos KDC is often connecting to Active Directory where all the credentials are stored so generally users will enter they Windows login/password when connecting to AutoVue Server (Browser accessing https://abc.xyz.com:8443/AutoVue/AutoVue.html)

          If you don't want users authenticate themselves when connecting to AutoVue Server, just shutdown the server, edit <AutoVue install dir>\bin\jvueserver.properties and comment out the line "jvueserver.authenticator=com.cimmetry.jvueserver.JAASAuthenticator", and then restart AutoVue Server.

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            Thanks a lot. Its working. :-)