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    Bootable USB, How?

      I have searched for an hour now and everything I find is making a boot drive using solaris. I don't have solaris so I don't see how I'm supposed to do it. I tried some methods for making bootable ISO's using windows methods but that didn't work either. Now I see that the "boot files" are specific for each OS. Another thing is that the install files for solaris 11 are in some .usb format which I can't find anything to recognize. I discovered that solaris 11 live uses ISO's so I have been working with that. I am currently on windows 7.. I figured if I could get the live version to be bootable then I could install it from within itself since there will be an installation thing on the desktop. Or if there is a way for windows 7 to make use of that .usb file and make it bootable then I suppose that would work as well. But how do I do any of this within win 7? I am using an 8gb USB thumb drive but if it has to be a DVD then I can burn one of them off just as well. Thanks for any help.