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    DMS documents and setup steps


      This is Hide from Oracle Global Customer HUB team.
      (SR#3-5457335241(=Translation SR#3-5462819581)

      ・We have only BPA modeler's help. Are there any DMS in Japanese if possible?
      ・Can you provide the operational environment, condition and simple steps?

      For example [modeler] in Help,

      Administration → document [documentation] management system → a new create
      No explanation what is DMS provider. It says as follows.

      「DMS provider is added to the list by Oracle Corporation.
      Please contact to Oracle Corporation if you need DMS provider.」

      Customer would like to know DMS setting.
      He is not able to choose the list because there is nothing on the list
      in default so do we need to set something?

      Awaiting your reply.

      Kind Regards,