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    why javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet is serializable ?

      As per serialization definition if super class implements java.io.Serializable then all sub classes are also get that behaviour.
      while coming to Servlets : javax.servlet.GenericServlet implents java.io.Serializable and this servlet class is super class for javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet and this also implemts java.io.Serializable. Is there any specific reason ?
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          Quoting a reply from the link below:

          Technically, I believe the servlet container is allowed to "passivate" the servlet object to disk, in a similar way that EJB session beans can be. So you're correct to ask the question if your app will fail due to non-serializable fields.

          In practise, I've never heard of a container doing this, so it's really just legacy baggage from the bad old days of early J2EE. I wouldn't worry about it.