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    B2B-50079 Transport Error : Bad Message

      Hi All,
      I have an SFTP outbound TPA which is used to transfer a PGP file from our internal system to TP vendor.
      So the transfer is as follows B2B(Internal System) -> WebServer(acts as proxy while connecting to third party server)-->ThirdParty.
      The use proxy is checked in the Channels of the Trading Partner.
      The transfer fails while transfering the file to the TP with the below error.
      "B2B-50079 Transport Error : Bad Message" I have manually sftpd from web server to the TP server and it is working absolutely fine.
      Also i have verified that the certificate and host,port username details to connect to the TP are correct.
      Please let us know on what the problem area could be.
      There is no problem with file naming convention since the file is getting picked up by the listening channel and also we have checked the preserve file name option in the TP channel.

      Any help on this is much appreciated.
      Naveen Kumar T.