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    web front end


      I dont know if this is the correct forum for my need, but I need to start somewhere.

      We currently allow users to search, review and update data from our database in an web front end. Its very basic and uses PL/SQL to query the tables and then HTML to display the results in tables.

      This has suited our needs for sometime but we now need to be able to display and update tables in their live format, i.e. if I am filling out a simple form of first, last and email etc I would like the updates to happen as I type and not have to click and update button. The problem we face is we can only update one row at a time using a button and need to able to just update the tables as we go.

      A) is this possible, can you point me towards some documentation, and b) if not any other way we could achieve this?

      many thanks
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          Look at adding some Javascript to your application. E.g. http://jquery.com/
          Whether this is incorporated into your current HTML code or you use a new application (PHP?)
          to do it is less important than deciding the UI style, bandwidth needs, and server processing
          feasibility of the user interaction you want.
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            Gogala Mladen
            Rudolf, it's not strictly a PHP reply, but I would check Apex 4.1.1 if I were you. It's a marvelous development tool, completely free, as in "free beer", very easy to use and the best thing is that it comes with your database. If you're running a version of 11G, chances are that Apex is already installed, although a slightly older version. Application Express, lovingly known as "Apex" is available from OTN.
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              Hi Gogala

              I had a play with this yesterday, it does look brilliant. I used the onlise workspace version to just play around with, but if I use the one installed on our database can I then build pages linked directly to our data sources?

              just found out from our DBA they didnt install this and might have to do it doh!