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    OEM Error:"Count of targets not uploading exceeded the critical threshold."

      Enterprise Mgr Repository DB
      AIX 64 Bit 5.3(OEM/OMS/EMR) - 6.1(PROD)
      PROD DB's monitored - (soon to be

      Keep getting these messages from PROD servers, more frequent. I have restarted the Agents on the servers, and forced and upload of targets. Seems to help briefly, but then messages come back.

      Because it's critical, pages me (at all hours - 24/7 shop). Any help would be a appreciated (especially by my family).

      Also, is there a way to Blackout and/or script blackouts for DB Targets (via Cron/RMAN, etc.) during backups. We have a couple of targets that always notify during backup window, but if you connect, they are up and available. Thinking they are just showing up when we force shutdown, backup, then bring back up.