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    Disassembling JRockit CodeCache

      Hi - I m trying to disassemble the CodeCache to see what the generated code for compiled Java methods looks like.

      Heres what I m doing below. Does it look correct? If yes could folks please add another option dump_codemap_disasm so I don't have to disassemble these blocks on my own.


      [ a ] jrcmd 26138 dump_codemap

      [ b ] look in Other64.map

      " 0001:00007ff6d2c126e0     org/eclipse/equinox/launcher/Main.main([Ljava/lang/String;)V     00007ff6d2c126e0 f org/eclipse/equinox/launcher/Main     00000000000000b7"

      [ c ] gdb -p pid
      (gdb) x/46i 0x7ff6d2c126e0
      0x7ff6d2c126e0:     sub $0x8,%rsp
      0x7ff6d2c126e4:     test %eax,0x7fffe000
      0x7ff6d2c126eb:     mov 0x8(%rdi),%ecx
      0x7ff6d2c126ee:     xor %rsi,%rsi
      0x7ff6d2c126f1:     test %rcx,%rcx
      0x7ff6d2c126f4:     je 0x7ff6d2c12711
      0x7ff6d2c126f6:     mov 0x8(%rcx),%eax
      0x7ff6d2c126f9:     mov %rcx,(%rsp)
      0x7ff6d2c126fd:     test %rax,%rax
      0x7ff6d2c12700:     je 0x7ff6d2c12711
      0x7ff6d2c12702:     mov (%rsp),%rsi
      0x7ff6d2c12706:     mov 0x8(%rsi),%esi
      0x7ff6d2c12709:     cmp %esi,(%rsi)
      0x7ff6d2c1270b:     callq 0x7ff6d2bc4180
      0x7ff6d2c12710:     nop
      0x7ff6d2c12711:     pop %rcx
      0x7ff6d2c12712:     retq
      0x7ff6d2c12713:     int3