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    Report Orientation Problem when Converting to RTF

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      Hello Exparts,

      My report version is
      Report Builder
      ORACLE Server Release
      I made a report, which orientation is Landscape. I set the page setup to Landscape. From Report Navigator >>Layout>> Main Section, I set the orientation to Landscape and the Weight and Height of paper.

      The report shows correct, print correctly but when i generate it to RTF from report runtime, it generate to RTF.

      Problem is when i open the report with Microsoft Office Word, it shows as Portrait as a result right side of the report getting cut off.

      Do u people know about it and have any solution to open it as it is as report view ?

      Thanks in advance...
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          Specify the ORIENTATION system parameter. This takes precedence over the Orientation property, and the Width and Height properties. To specify the ORIENTATION system parameter, which allows end users to modify the orientation at runtime:

          Choose Tools > Parameter Form Builder to display the Parameter Form Builder.

          Click the ORIENTATION system parameter.

          Click OK to display the Paper Parameter Form view.

          Double-click the Orientation value field (PF_ORIENTATION) to display the Property Inspector.

          Under the Parameter node, set the Initial Value property to Portrait or Landscape.

          Click the Run Paper Layout button in the toolbar.

          From the Orientation list, change the orientation if desired.

          Set the Orientation property and/or the Width and Height properties:

          In the Object Navigator, under the Paper Layout node, double-click the properties icon for the pertinent report section (Header, Main, or Trailer) to display the Property Inspector (by default, a report is defined in the Main Section).

          In the Property Inspector, under the Section node, set the Orientation property to the desired value. If set to Portrait or Landscape, this value takes precedence over the Width and Height properties. If set to Default, orientation is based on the values of the Width and Height properties (landscape orientation if Width is greater than Height, and portrait orientation if Height is greater than Width).

          Hope this helps