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    Install Oracle Linux + 11G Rac (itanium) HELP

      Hello, sorry for the English ...
      I have 2 hp server rx2620 itanium, mas1000 and should do tests to install oracle 11g rac linux oracle, but on linux I can not, someone can give me some advice or guide on the internet? my question is how to share the disk, so that the 2 servers are able to see them, I use ASMLib?

      2 hp Server rx2620 itanium (4 NICs + 2 fiber channel cards)
      MSA1000 (2 100gb disks to be shared) Fibre Channel
      Oracle Linux 5.5 IA64
      Oracle 11g Grid
      Oracle Database 11g

      Sorry and thanks.
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          There does not seen to be much current development in this area. Oracle Linux 5.5 is apparently the last version available. I would ask Oracle support about current and future plans to support the IA64 bit platform. Perhaps you might rather want to use HP Unix instead of Linux. Apparently Red Hat is no longer going to support the IA64 platform according to http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/12/18/redhat_rhel6_itanium_dead. Oracle Stops All Software Development For Intel Itanium Microprocessor (March 2011) http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/press/346696

          I think this might actually be another example of a silly development in the IT industry, where customers prefer cheaper, often more trivial solutions, over more expensive superior solutions. The majority of customers is apparently buying into the the Intel x86-64 architecture to support x86 CISC based software like MS windows, thinking a x86-64 CPU is just as powerful as a IA 64-bit CPU.

          Regrading your question to share the disks, you need hardware that supports device sharing and a cluster file system. There are several options for hardware, typically fiber-channel, iSCSI and the older differential (HVD) SCSI for SAN and even NFS can apparently be used with a certified NAS storage. MSA1000 should be fine. Oracle provides OCFS2 cluster filesystem and you can also use ASM. You don't necessarily need ASMLib, but need to setup multipath or udev. How to setup the MSA1000 for shared storage should be in the Storage controller manual.