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    folderAccess still working, how?


      running Reports 11g under linux (11.1.1 if I remeber correctly), we have reports that create text files when run.
      This works fine and they always create the file in the same directory.

      The strange thing is that I found that <folderAccess> was commented out in rwserver.conf.
      If I let it "back in" I get an error that the element is unexpected.
      The docs seem to be clear on the ordering of elements (should be according to the .xsd, same as in the doc) but experience says that's not right...
      On folderAccess I think there are typos in the docs. The example closes the element with <\folderAccess>, I would have guessed </folderAccess>...

      So, I comment it away again, restart everything and the reports start working and still create their files.
      Fine, but I would like to know how thay can do that without explicit permission? In case I need to install a new server.

      So instead of "why doesn't it work?" it's "how can it work?" :)
      Any suggestions?

      Kind regards