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    During implementation of Coherence * web getting problem

      Hi ,

      While i'm trying to implement the coherence * web for session management at cluster envornment- i'm getting 404 exception while accessing the page(Even i'm lookup the right context path) - I followed the below steps for acheving the concept.

      1. I have set the COHERENCE_HOME and required attributes at class path level.
      2. I have created two managed servers.
      3. I have created one webapplication (modified the weblogic.xml with referenced lib as coherence-web-spi and provided cluster name).
      4. Deployed the coherence.jar,coherence-web-spi.war and active-cache.jar along with my webapplication.
      5. Now trying to access the my page - getting 404 exception.

      For more details - i have followed the below reference link during the implementation.


      Could please provide the solution for getting access te application.